Working for Walpole



I humbly submit to you my report on the most recent legislative session. The State Budget for FY15 has retained education and local aid as top priorities, including:

• $7,542,981 in Chapter 70 Local Aid
• $2,267,840 in Unrestricted General Government Aid
• $800,000 in Prison Mitigation money, a program I created in 2004 to bring relief to Walpole’s taxpayers for hosting MCI-Cedar Junction, overriding the Governor’s veto
• $300,000 FEMA assistance grant for improvements to Norfolk Street
• $40,000.00 in State Aid to the Walpole Council on Aging
• $26,000 in Workforce Training grants to Northeastern Assembly, Inc., located on 25 Walpole Park South, to train 25 workers and create 25 new jobs in Walpole
During this session, I worked with the rest of the Walpole delegation to:
• Write a budget amendment to double the funding for the Municipal Police Training Committee ($5,025,000), putting 100 newly trained police officers on the beat; and to
• Secure 20 hours of in-service training for the 17,000 municipal police officers in the Commonwealth to combat crime and terrorism in response to the Boston Marathon bombing and, for the first time, to provide mandatory training in the prevention, detection, and prosecution of domestic violence
• Passed an Anti-Domestic Violence Law that requires comprehensive reforms to combat domestic violence in the Commonwealth
• Took steps to ensure that the state Income Tax Rollback to 5.0%, a measure that I authored, continue as scheduled, providing $130,000,000 in tax relief since January 2014
• Fighting the substance abuse epidemic in Massachusetts, passed legislation that increases access to quality medical care for those who struggle with substance addiction
• Enacted a law that expands the current “Senior Property Tax Work-Off Program” to include veterans
• Disbursed $50,000 for the design and engineering to begin repair of Walpole’s hazardous flood control structures

I remain, as always, committed to enhancing the quality of life in Walpole for the citizens I have the honor to represent.

State Representative

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