Rogers Secures Funding for Ellis Pond in Final Budget

BOSTON – Rep. John H. Rogers (D-Norwood) is proud to announce that he has secured funding in the finalized State Budget for the Town of Norwood to conduct a core sample study of Ellis Pond’s sediment. The core sampling is the first step in a wider project of dredging the pond. Last week, the House and Senate voted to pass the finalized State Budget which contained Representative Rogers’ amendment securing $40,000 for the purposes of core testing for contamination in the pond.

The core samples are crucial because if contamination is found once a dredging project is begun, the town would be responsible for the cleanup of any contaminants.

Rep. Rogers said, “I am happy to help protect and preserve this valuable natural resource of Norwood. This is an important first step in rehabilitating the natural beauty of Ellis Pond. I am happy to have been able to work with Peter Bamber of the Norwood Conservation Commission in drafting this budget amendment. He and the other members of the Conservation Commission are wonderful municipal partners to work with on behalf of our community.”

The budget will now be laid before the Governor for signature. The Ellis Pond has seen sediment and invasive species of plant life deplete the pond for many years. This $40,000 in state funding will be crucial in beginning the process of rehabilitating the pond.


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