Rogers Co-Files New Anti-Drug Bill.

(BOSTON) – Representative John H. Rogers (D-Walpole) is the principal co-sponsor of a new bill HD 4866 An Act prohibiting the manufacturing of marijuana concentrate in an unregulated environment using an inherently hazardous substance. This bill adds a section to Chapter 94 of the General Laws of the Commonwealth to prohibit “any person who is not licensed Registered Marijuana Dispensary to knowingly manufacture marijuana concentrate using an inherently hazardous substance.”

Chief Carmichael said “there are various methods used to extract THC oils from the marijuana plant in order to produce THC concentrates commonly known as butane honey oil (BHO), wax, shatter, dabs, and budder. Typically, the THC oil extraction process is initiated by introducing dangerous gases during the process including butane or propane, while in an enclosed, unventilated area thereby generating the threat of an explosion. A home, apartment or even vehicle are not safe or conducive to this type of potentially dangerous process and many people have been subjected to these explosions which have caused fires, injured, and killed people. This bill would protect people who do not understand this process including those unwitting neighbors who likely do not know this problem exists.”

In the bill “inherently hazardous substance” is defined as “any liquid chemical, compressed gas, or commercial product that has a flash point at or lower than thirty-eight degrees Celsius or one hundred degrees Fahrenheit, including butane, propane, and diethyl ether and excluding all forms of alcohol and ethanol.” There have been several recent instances of house explosions and fires related to individuals who have been b attempting to make homemade marijuana concentrate.

“Just like with the fentanyl bill passed earlier this session we seek to make another means of concentrating and distributing harmful drugs illegal,” said Rogers, “Marijuana concentrate is a powerful and dangerous substance; dangerous in its production and dangerous in its consumption by our kids. I am proud to work with Walpole’s Chief Carmichael, the Mass Chiefs’ point person on the addiction epidemic, my colleague Rep. Josh Cutler and the Walpole Coalition for Drug and Alcohol Awareness and the Impact Norwood group to prevent addiction in our communities.”

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