Rogers Announces 35K In Recycling Grants for Norwood

Boston- Representative John Rogers (D-Norwood) is pleased to announce a grant for Norwood of $12,000 from the Department of Environmental Protection’s Sustainable Materials Recovery Program. The grant is intended to maximize recycling, composting and waste reduction programs. $10,500 of those funds comes from an award from the Recycling Dividends Program which recognizes municipalities that have implemented policies and programs proven to maximize materials reuse and recycling, as well as waste reduction.

Communities that earn RDP payments must reinvest the funds in their recycling programs for things such as new recycling bins or carts, public education and outreach campaigns, collection of hard-to-recycle items and the establishment of recycling programs in schools, municipal buildings and other public spaces.

Representative Rogers remarked, “It’s no surprise that Norwood is recognized for its recycling program. The Board of Selectmen and the Board of Health have been leaders in encouraging increased participation. We all have done our part by filling up our green and yellow bins. I am happy to report that Norwood received one of the largest RDP grants for a community of its size.”

Additionally, Norwood has been given access to a MassDEP-funded program for the transportation and recycling of discarded household mattresses. Residents of the town will have access to an estimated $23,000.00 in incentives over the next two years.

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