Rogers Supports Bi-Partisan Bill to Fight Opioid Epidemic

Boston- Representative John Rogers (D-Norwood) has co-sponsored a bi-partisan bill that aims to fight the opioid epidemic by closing a dangerous gap in the Commonwealth’s existing narcotic laws. H. 4036, An Act Relative to Fentanyl seeks to add Fentanyl, a dangerous chemical often mixed with heroin, to the list of dangerous drugs to which narcotic trafficking charges may apply. This legislation would make it possible to persecute those intending to distribute the chemical and reduce its prevalence across the state. Fentanyl is a synthetic, and dangerous narcotic, which is often combined with heroin or sold under the guise of heroin when it is actually more potent and more deadly. The representative understands that raising public awareness of this deadly chemical is imperative to keeping our families and community safe.

“The war against opioid addiction must be joined by those who yearn to keep our kids and our families safe and healthy,” said Rogers. “This legislation gives us one more weapon in that war to keep this drug out of our hometowns”

The representative has always been a strong advocate for anti-drug laws and believes that this legislation is vital in keeping the people of Norwood safe. By working with legislators on this bi-partisan bill, Rep. Rogers hopes to raise awareness about this lethal drug and to keep it out of Norwood.

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